C# v7.0 pattern matching

Visual Studio “15” Preview 4 was recently released, so I decided to take it for a spin. In the upcoming C# 7.0, of the features being implemented, pattern matching is probably the most interesting. Consider how often we’ve designed code that uses a switch statement with complex cases, but then when we go to implement the design, a nested if-then-else statement must be coded instead because switch labels … Continue reading C# v7.0 pattern matching

Alternatives to Deeply-Nested Callback Functions in Javascript

A few days ago, I wrote a server in Node.js, the purpose of which is to email me when an API found in Nuget is updated. I thought the project would take a few hours, but as it turned out, it took several days. You may ask “How is this possible for such an easy problem?” Unfortunately, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what API to use to read a text file, and how to use the API. It led me to an understanding of a fundamental problem with Javascript known as “callback hell” (1, 2).

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