Installing Docker

OK, really simple. I want to install Docker on an Ubuntu box. Should be easy. Right?


When I do a Google search for “install docker”, Google returns a link to the Docker installation page for Ubuntu. That’s fine, but following the 18 page/2000 word installation is insane. The first time I did that, it took 15 minutes. What a waste of time, and not easily reproducible if I stop to get a cup of coffee, then come back.

So, I go to, and somehow find some other documentation for a Linux install through the now totally indecipherable menu system in The instructions are shorter, and seem the right thing to do, basically: curl -fsSL | sh.

Why ask why there are two different instructions?



Tree graph drawing

Finally, I seem to be making some headway into graph drawing.  Over ten years ago, I had a similar problem.  In 1999, I worked for a company that sold a UML modeling tool, but I did not like the way it worked.  I tried to convince management that it needed changes to make it more useful,  but they brushed me off. So, I decided to try to write a UML modeling tool on my own.   Moreover, I wanted to expand my knowledge of computer science to include graph drawing, which is the field in computer science that tries to find two- or three-dimensional representations for graphs.   Unfortunately, I never succeeded in writing the tool at that time. I did not have enough time to learn graph  drawing because of a job change.  I spent several weeks trying to learn the subject,  but I was not able to grasp even the most basic algorithms.
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Expecting more

Call me old fashioned for working on compiler technologies. But recently, I was interested in displaying a parse tree generated by a parser that I am writing.  For several weeks I read some well-known papers on tree layout, then implemented the algorithms described in these papers.  To my chagrin, this took a lot longer than I expected.  Am I losing it as a software engineer?
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