Developing CUDA and C++ AMP in Visual Studio 2011

Every time Microsoft releases a new version of Visual Studio C++, NVIDIA releases a new version of CUDA to work with the new version of Visual Studio. ¬†Unfortunately, that seemed to take NVIDIA an incredibly long time the last time. After Visual Studio 2010 was released in April 4, 2010, CUDA integration with with Visual Studio 2010 didn’t happen until CUDA 4.0 RC1 in March 4, 2011–a year later! ¬†And, to this day, the build rules have never worked cleanly for me ( ¬†Because I’m developing C++ AMP and CUDA side by side, and cannot wait for NVIDIA, I decided to develop the build rules myself, and work out the details of calling CUDA from Visual Studio C++ 2012.

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