Mongo, Restheart, and Dokku

Mongo is a popular NoSQL database nowadays. It has several advantages compared to relational databases (schema-less, key-value store, scalable, distributed, propagated consistency) but the main advantage, IMHO, is that JSON is the lingua franca for the data structures it stores and the queries you use. JSON is a nice, simple data structure representation. It can be easily passed between the database and the application; and it can … Continue reading Mongo, Restheart, and Dokku

GoDaddy left at the Docker

I’m in the process of checking out the advantages and disadvantages of GoDaddy’s new Cloud Server product, which has just been announced as generally available. It has few features, less compared to DigitalOcean, which has been available for a few years. AWS, which has been available for even longer, is generally the gold standard–if you like, or need, a cloud platform with every conceivable tweakable … Continue reading GoDaddy left at the Docker